How to Keep Your Las Vegas Home Organized: 10 Creative Decluttering Ideas

How to Keep Your Las Vegas Home Organized: 10 Creative Decluttering Ideas

Right now, many of us are spending a lot of time at home working remotely or simply limiting social contact. With all this time spent inside, your Las Vegas home could probably use a once-over. Between mail, books and other household items, clutter is quick to pile up. Your busy living room and kitchen may send you into a frenzy to restore order and organization in your home.

Decluttering might seem intimidating at first, but there are a few steps you can follow to help you take control of your home:

1. Start with a Decluttering Action Plan

Any efficient project starts with a plan, so why not apply the same principle to decluttering your home? It is up to you to determine the time commitment and the pace of your plan, but having one in place will help you track your progress. The first step is to create a checklist of all the home areas you need to work on. If you’re using the Becker Method – which follows a room-by-room decluttering system – you’re probably better off beginning with the room that gets the most traffic and then proceeding with the rest. Your goal is to purge your home of the misplaced and redundant items, so make sure to stick to the organization scheme you put in place as you declutter.

2. Get the Right Supplies

Every room you declutter requires organizers, storage bins and other supplies. Once you get started, you will have a better idea of what sort of supplies you need. Some common supplies include trash bags, brown bags for recycling paper, hanging sweater bags for closets, or drawer dividers. Before you run out to the store, make sure you truly need the supplies you intend to buy.

3. Reorganize the Entryway Purposefully

As the busiest area of the home, the entry area usually collects shoes, sports equipment and different bags which make it difficult to find your keys when you’re in a hurry to leave the house in the morning. Adding a bench with storage to hold keys and other items might just be the solution to that pesky morning chaos! For bags, jackets and backpacks, a coat rack or a couple of hooks are helpful to keep these items organized. A mail organizer is not a bad idea if you’re constantly battling strewn envelopes as you make your way out of the house. As a general rule, make sure that each item has its dedicated space.

entryway in a home

4. Decluttered Living Room: Use Drawers, Shelves and Baskets

If your goal is to keep clutter at bay, then the living room is the trickiest room to do so. With fewer traditional possibilities for storage, your remotes and blankets are more than likely migrating from one spot to another. To make this room inviting and pleasing to the eye, use baskets to store extra throws, magazines or even children’s toys that make their way to the living room. Go for decorative boxes that best complement your home décor for a more personalized touch. Additionally, make sure to keep the coffee table free of the usual items like candles, books or flowers. If you do enjoy a few decorative items in this spot, why not incorporate a tray that can accommodate them? You can easily remove it in case you have guests and decide to use the coffee table to entertain.

5. Give Your Closets the Organization Treatment

Your bedroom closet is where most of your wardrobe resides. Start decluttering this spot by getting rid of everything you haven’t worn in the past year. If you’re not sure which clothes you still wear, hang your clothes on backward hangers in your closet. As you wear the items, rehang them facing forward. The hangers that stay backward are probably not your favorite items. It’s time to relocate them to the donation box. If your home is not large enough to make room for all your seasonal clothing and other seasonal items, self-storage can come to the rescue. Financially speaking, you’re better off renting a storage unit in Las Vegas than moving to a larger home with more space. Apartments in Sin City have an average of 884 square feet, ranking 40th among the top 100 cities with the largest apartments in the U.S, well below the national average, which is 941 square feet.

organized closet

6. Make Use of Underbed Space

If your closet is too small to house all your clothing, under-the-bed storage can be a lifesaver. Bulky items and accessories can be placed in vacuum storage bags safely under your bed. Make sure that any items you decide to store in this way is in good condition.

7. Home Office Desk: Stick to Bare Necessities

The top of your desk is home to pens, highlighters, staples and more. Besides your computer and a landline phone, try to keep only three or four items on the desk. Other knickknacks can be placed on a nearby shelf. Store most of your office supplies inside drawers using various bins and caddies to keep things organized.

8. Keep Cords Tidy

Your desk can feel like a jungle of lamp cords, laptop wires and other cords. You can secure them in a cable box to keep them all tidy, or you can opt for a shelf equipped with ports. If, on the other hand, your desk has fewer cables, a decorative container might easily do the trick.

9. Less is More with Kitchen Counters

Kitchen counters tend to become overcrowded with many kitchen gadgets and utensils that may or may not see frequent use. Instead, keep most of them in pull-out trays inside the cabinets. This trick allows you to easily access items all the way in the back of the cabinet and makes the most of this storage space. For the essential small appliances that have to stay on the countertop, you can use baskets and boxes to hold them. As you reorganize your countertop items, add some of them to the donation box if they see very rare or no use at all.

pull-out kitchen drawer

10. Say Goodbye to the Junk Drawer

The catch-all junk drawer feels good to have around, but it only causes more clutter – unopened mail, scissors, rubber bands and other little odds and ends that don’t seem to find their spot wind up here. The easiest way to a clutter-free drawer is to simply move everything into their designated spots in the kitchen. If, on the other hand, you can’t give up that easily on your junk drawer, using a drawer organizer might be the answer.

11. Bathroom: Toss Expired Cosmetics and Medicine

You might have tried a wide slew of cosmetics over the years, but not all of them turn out to be favorites. Now is the time to sift through your collection and dispose of old lotions and shower gels that never see the light of day. Apply the same principle to your medicine cabinet. It’s time to look at the expiration dates on medications and safely get rid of them.

12. Use Under-the-Sink Storage

Being short on closet space isn’t a new problem. We could all use a little extra space to store household items. Why not use your under-the-sink space to bring your everyday bathroom linens on-hand? Use wicker baskets to store bath towels – it’s practical, and stylish too.

bathroom storage

13. Enlist the Help of a Professional Organizer

If decluttering becomes overwhelming, don’t lose heart. It’s time to call in the professionals to lend a helping hand. It’s easier than ever to hire a certified organizer in Las Vegas. HateClutter, White Tie Organizing and Organized by Ginger are some of the professionals that can help bring back the Zen to your Las Vegas home.

Did we help you declutter your home? Let us know in the comment section below.

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